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F.S.P. Metal was established as a foreign trade company by the board of directors of MAKROMET Inc. in the year 2009.

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Our priority when establishing this company in 1997 was quality and the priority never changed since, MAKROMET Inc. operates on grey cast iron, ductile iron and alloy-unalloyed Steel casting, started to manufacture engine and compressor liners in 2002 and has gained an important and respected place in automotive industry with its experienced professional staff. F.S.P Metal was established as foreign trade company in 2009 by the board of directors of MAKROMET Inc. F.S.P. Metal conducts business in the field of air-cooled and compressor liners, offers its products to the market in Middle East, Europe, Latin America and Africa countries with its customer oriented service concept. Our company has TSE-ISO-N 9001-2015 and EAC (Eurosian Economic Community) Customs Union certificates and is offered for sale after the analysis and tests for research and development in the laboratory environment established to minimize the errors, that may arise from production, together with our engineers and technical team. MAKROME T Inc. and Metal produce high quality products with its wide vision and ability to produce solutions according to needs; automotive, machinery and agricultural machinery industry. We provide quality service for cuştomers who cim for the best in their business.

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We produce engine and compressor liners for dozens of countries all over the world.

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2023 NEWCAST Fair

2023 NEWCAST Fair

We are delighted to invite you to participate in the 2023 NEWCAST Fair! This year's event is designed to provide an innovative platform focused on the iron and steel casting industry, and we take pride in welcoming industry-leading professionals like yourself.
2023 Promotional Film

2023 Promotional Film

"Welcome to Our 2023 Promotional Video! This exciting video invites you on a journey into the world of metallurgy. Metallurgy is the science of producing, shaping, and processing metals, and it influences many aspects of our lives."
About Production:

About Production:

Metallurgy is a branch of science and engineering that encompasses the extraction, transformation, and processing of metals. Metals have been one of the most significant materials in the history of humanity and are indispensable for many industrial applications. Metallurgy covers the production journey of metals from raw material to the final product.

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